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DUI dash to Macca's ends badly

GEMMA Elizabeth Rumble is lucky not to be in jail after driving four times the legal limit and crashing into a roundabout - all because she wanted McDonald's.

Prosecutor Bernhard Berger said Rumble, 32, was found by police on April 4 about 7.45pm after speeding down Shute Harbour Rd, running a red light at the Paluma Rd, Shute Harbour, intersection, then eventually going over the roundabout at Tropic Rd and crashing through a road sign before landing in the centre median strip and stopping.

Police attended the incident and Rumble blew 0.201.

Before the crash, she also bumped into a car twice after following it.

Defence solicitor David Fitzgerald, of Macrossan and Amiet, said Rumble was suffering throughout Tropical Cyclone Debbie and was alone and unprepared for the incident.

After drinking earlier in the day, Rumble discovered that McDonald's had reopened, which is when the incident occurred.

With two previous high- range offences on record, Rumble was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment with immediate parole release, disqualified from driving for five years and fined $5000.