SWEET SUCCESS: Proserpine motorcross rider Georgia Murray has been in the winning circle lately and has her eyes set on the Queensland championships.
SWEET SUCCESS: Proserpine motorcross rider Georgia Murray has been in the winning circle lately and has her eyes set on the Queensland championships. TDphotography

Georgia driven to follow dream

MOTOCROSS: During the week she's a fitter and turner at the Proserpine Mill but by the weekend she's driving herself to distant parts of Queensland winning motocross races and trying to make her dream a reality.

Georgia Murray first hopped on a bike six years ago and now the 21-year-old rides in two Queensland motocross series and currently sits in first place in the TNQ series and second in the CQNX series.

Just last month she won four races in round three of the TNQ series in Cairns.

"There's two more rounds to go in it and I've won every single race except for one in the series so far," Murray said.

Returning from Moranbah in the CQNX series last weekend where she came second in her races, she has her eyes set on a big showing at the Queensland Female MX Champs in July.

It's even more impressive as Murray travels with her bike alone to her races and has driven herself as far north as Mareeba, west to Emerald, and has gone south as far as Gladstone, just to keep her racing dreams alive.

"It's pretty full on," she said.

"Basically (on) Monday I go to work really tired. In the afternoon I'll usually be washing my bike. Throughout the week in the afternoon I go to the gym and fix the bike up. Thursday I get ready (for the weekend races). Then Friday I leave to travel to wherever I'm going."


ON THE RISE: Georgia Murray took three from three on the weekend at the KTM Thunder on the Mountain.
Georgia Murray quickly fell in love with motocross after first hopping on a bike six years ago. Contributed

With only a few small sponsors to rely on for money, Murray funds most of her racing herself and is hoping to one day be able to switch her focus to racing fulltime.

And she'll have a great chance next month when she races in the Queensland championships.

"My main goal is to get top five in Queensland," she said.

"I want to keep racing. If I had sponsors to help out, I could concentrate on getting to the nationals. They don't hold them up around here, they're usually around Victoria."

Would she like to turn professional?

"I'd love to," she responds.

"I love it (the sport) and I'm pretty motivated to get better."

Picking up a bike six years ago as a 15-year-old, Murray hasn't looked back.

"I wasn't (originally) going to race, I was just going to ride at the local track in Prossie and then after a couple of rides, I started really enjoying it. Everyone was saying I was doing really well. Six months later after I got on a bike and started racing. (I) haven't stopped," she said.

The youngster even has more than 139,000 followers on Facebook.

"It is pretty cool when you think about," she said.

"One of my family friends started it for me.

"He thought it was a good idea and it looks good for sponsors. It keeps everyone who's interested in the loop. I don't really have anything to do with the page, mum does it.

"She says so many people message the page."

The next step is to get noticed by sponsors and she doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

"It would help me out a lot...(and) help me chase my dreams," she said.