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Not paying rent on time proves costly for one man

AFTER refusing to leave his Jubilee Pocket accommodation, one man found out the hard way what happens if you don't pay your rent.

Robert James Adams, 42, pleaded guilty to trespassing and obstructing police after he refused to leave a room at Jubilee Pocket's Tropical Rainforest Retreat and, at one point, even tried to shut the door on police.

Police prosecutor Bernhard Berger said police were called around 4.30pm on June 26 after management rang them about a man who would not leave one of the rooms.

"They'd been attempting to evict him over five days and he was refusing to leave the retreat," Mr Berger said.

After telling police he would pack and leave straight away, Mr Berger said 10 minutes later, Adams had still not packed anything. Then after saying he would pack his bags he "attempted to close the door on police".

Mr Berger said after being arrested Adams became aggressive and argumentative and police had to restrain him.

However Adams continued to resist police and kept pulling his arms away while they were trying to take him away. Eventually police had to physically take him to the control car. Adams then continued to be abusive until he was placed in a cell at the watch-house.

Duty lawyer Cleo Rewald said Adams had been staying at the retreat since Cyclone Debbie after there was damage to his home.

"From time to time he had been behind in rent... he's previously had conversations with him being told to leave (after being late with the rent) but when he paid the rent, it had appeared to be resolved. He didn't realise this time it was serious," she said.

In sentencing Magistrate Simon Young said he should have known how serious the situation was when the police arrived.

"He does what he wants, when he wants, by the sound of it," Mr Young said.

Adams was fined $1000 and convictions were recorded. He was given six months to pay the fine, which will default to 11 days jail time if not paid.