The Proserpine Court House Photo Peter Carruthers / Whitsunday Times
The Proserpine Court House Photo Peter Carruthers / Whitsunday Times Peter Carruthers

Poor quality, high price

A CANNONVALE man who said he wasn't planning on smoking the 130 grams of cannabis found in his home because it was "poor quality" has avoided jail time despite being on a suspended sentence.

David John Jacobsen, 38, had his Cannonvale home searched by police on May 30 around 4pm, where they found 130.2 grams of cannabis in a large plastic bag, along with a syringe and water pipe.

Police prosecutor Bernhard Berger said Jacobsen declared the cannabis during the search. However police also found a further 0.4 grams of cannabis in a bowl and on top of the kitchen cupboard they found a "number of sharps containers" and a syringe that was not in a container.

Pleading guilty to all charges, the court also heard that Jacobsen was on a 15-month suspended jail sentence at the time of the offences.

Duty lawyer Cleo Rewald said Jacobsen believed the cannabis was "poor quality" and was not planning on smoking it.

"He still had possession of it. It's a decent amount... I can't shy away from that," she said.

Ms Rewald said the syringes were unused and that the unwrapped syringe was "capped but not disposed of".

In sentencing, Magistrate Simon Young said that Jacobsen had shown a "contemptuous disregard of what the courts had done for him (previously)".

Considering Jacobsen's criminal history, Mr Young told the court the previous offences were "not good".

"Given the amount of cannabis and his contemptuous disregard for court leniency shown to him a year ago, I'm going to activate his suspended sentence," he said.

Jacobsen was sentenced to his 15-month jail term but given immediate release on parole. He was also fined $1000 and convictions were recorded.

"You may find yourself straight in prison without coming back to court," Mr Young warned.