GORGEOUS GIRLS: Students Left, Alexis Graham, Seabreea Milliken and Lily Arena all smiles.
GORGEOUS GIRLS: Students Left, Alexis Graham, Seabreea Milliken and Lily Arena all smiles.

Proserpine's Girl's Day Out

WEDNESDAY was one for the girl's at the Showgrounds for Proserpine State High School's bi-annual Girl's Day Out event, that aims to inspire girls to achieve.

The Girls enjoyed a day off school in the name of fun packed full with whip cracking, cooking, craft and yoga.

Students Alexis Graham, Lily Arena and Seabreea Milliken agreed that the Girls only day gives them a break from the boys.

When asked what they enjoyed most about the day the girls agreed that free food was definitely a highlight.

Closely followed by the whip cracking and mentor talks, the girls said they were disappointed they weren't able to try martial arts due to a late cancellation.

Seabreea , said the mentor's own life stories had good messages and taught them life lessons.

"We learnt not to be afraid to pursue our dreams and no matter who you are and where your from, even from a small town you can do anything with your life.

With a variety of domestic, physical and mentally challenging activities on offer for the girls, invisible gender stereotyped barriers are being broken.

As Seabreea said "Girls can do everything that boys can do.”

Co-organiser of the event and teacher Madeline Thorburn said the Girl's Day Out is similar to the boy's one, but a bit more suited to them and that planning the event is a big job.

"Teaching the girl's an underlying message of self-confidence is the aim of the day.

"As well as helping the girls to understand that the decisions you make are all within you.

The event is funded by the school, teachers and volunteers who contribute their time and resources.

"It was difficult sourcing volunteers this year as people are playing catch-up, rebuilding after the cyclone and don't have alot of spare time, Ms Thorburn added.

"We were very grateful for anyone who donated their time and skills.

People within the Whitsunday community from different backgrounds, who had faced adverse challenges were sought after to inspire the girls.

With the underlying message "To show the girls that there is no one way to succeed in life,” she said.

Next year is one for the boy's to get cooking and be inspired to achieve by the men of the Whitsunday community.