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Scary invasions at Proserpine homes

A MAN who repeatedly entered Proserpine homes without permission has been sentenced in Proserpine Magistrates Court.

Raymond Glen Halls, 54, was said to have entered three different Proserpine addresses in a two-week period earlier this year.

On the first occasion on April 29 about 1.30pm, he entered a woman's home and was found standing in her living room with a guitar and backpack. Not knowing who he was, she repeatedly asked him to leave and he soon did.

On May 2 about 3.30pm, he was seen in the front yard of another woman's house.

The final incident happened on May 7 when a woman was woken up about 2am in her home to the sounds of a man yelling. She thought the sound was coming from underneath her house and after calling police that is where they found him.

Halls told the court he didn't remember the incidents. He appeared in court with no shoes after being taken into custody on Saturday.

Pleading guilty to all charges, including missing a previous court date, Halls was convicted and fined $1000.