The Proserpine Court House
The Proserpine Court House Peter Carruthers

Suspended jail time for DV

"WE HAVE agreed this is the last time and he knows I will leave permanently if this behaviour continues,” are the words of the partner of a man who contravened a domestic violence protection order.

A 39-year-old Strathdickie man appeared by video link from Capricornia prison to plead guilty in Proserpine court on Monday.

The man had an argument with his partner about an upcoming birthday when he became "aggressive and threatening”, tried to kicked in doors and threw a bottle of wine and broom at her while their son was present.

"He wants us, and he said he will undergo counselling and for him to say that is a big thing,” his partner said when asked her opinion on varying the order.

The man, who committed the offence while on parole, was sentenced to two months' imprisonment which was suspended for 18 months.